Mulberry Tree Preschool, founded in 1972, is one of the oldest private preschools in the Lamorinda area.   

Mulberry Tree provides activities and experiences for children to play and work according to their own unique patterns of growth. Children are encouraged to use all of their senses, and to feel 
empowered to learn in our nurturing, respectful, and joyful environment.

Mulberry Tree strives to facilitate the development of the whole child –

cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.

  • Guiding children through a pleasurable challenging environment that results in a love of learning and provides a good foundation for language and math.

  • Helping children learn to interact and establish relationships with adults and peers and to develop problem solving skills.

  • Fostering children’s ability to see themselves as important individuals, to identify and express feelings, and to maintain a 
    developmentally appropriate degree of control in their own environment.

  • Encouraging children’s comfort with their own bodies by providing opportunities for the development of large and small muscle control and coordination.